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How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

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Open up your wallet and have a look at the stack of business cards you’ve collected over the years.

Is there one thing that you find in common in all of them?

Aside from their standard rectangular shape, it’s probably the fact that they’re all interchangeable. But as a professional who wants to make their name in the world, your business card can’t adhere to a cookie-cutter design strategy!

Making Your Business Card Unique

– Size Matters

With the average 3.5×2 size card, the person you hand it to will most likely do one of two things. A) They’ll fold it in half, tuck it into a corner of their wallet and forget about it or B) they’ll keep it in a pocket and will throw it away the next time they’re spring-cleaning their bag.

Instead of going with a standard card, customize it so it comes to around 3.370×2.125 (which is the same as a credit card). This will not only make your card easier to use, but it’ll also be more noticeable, since it’ll be taller than the card flap in a wallet.

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– It Pays to Be Social

And by that, we mean being social online! You want to make it easy for prospective customers or clients to find you. Adding certain links such as the name of your Facebook Page, LinkedIn account, YouTube channel, etc. will give them the chance to connect with you directly through a relevant social channel.

– Arouse their Curiosity

Make things short and sweet, but leave room for information. Do you offer consultation services for online marketing companies? Do you also have a food blog dedicated to all things potatoes? Add a link to it and let people see another side of you. Show them your offline and online persona.

– Add Some Color

Nowhere does it say in the design bible that you must only use a white background for your business card. Colors play a big role in impacting one’s subconscious. Cooler colors like blue (think Facebook, Twitter) and vibrant colors like Red (Think Youtube, Pinterest) evoke certain emotions. Use the right color to connect your business with the right subconscious cue.

– Print a Map

Have a local shop? Print a small map to it on the back of the card. Aside from being a great visual reminder, it’s a great use of space. Not to mention that directions make it easier for people to visit your establishment, since they won’t have to go through the trouble of using an app to find your location.

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Feeling Inspired?

Aside from offering wholesale cardstock and paper, your trusty wholesale cardstock suppliers now provides business cards as well. You can also contact us for custom sizes and full-color printing.

Get in touch with Fine Cardstock today and allow us to make you a business card that’ll definitely help bring in the big bucks!

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