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Make Your Own Holiday Cards This Christmas!

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DIY Christmas cards are the perfect way to get in the festive spirit and spend some quality time with the kids. Why not play some festive tunes, put on your all-time-favorite Christmas move (hint: Home Alone) and crack the mince pies open while you’re at it!

From artsy and traditional holiday cards, to traditional ones, we’ve rounded up some fun DIY Christmas card ideas with easy-to-follow instructions. Here are a few of them:

Layered ornaments

Add fun texture and dimension to your handmade Christmas card. Start with a store-bought colored cardstock, and then cut some decorative paper according to the dimensions of your card and affix it with glue. Use vellum (or wax paper) to cut about ten circles of the same size and fold them each in half. Stack them on top of each other and hand-stitch a decorative thread through the center of the circles, taking it all the way to the top of the card. Add a final touch by gluing ribbon on top of the ornament you just created.

Similarly, you can use every day items to give your card an added oomph! If you have extra buttons lying in your craft bin, glue them in a circle on your card to make an adorable wreath.

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Holiday Cards – DIY Christmas trees

From fun confetti to washi tape and ribbons, there are lots of fun ways to create a personalized Christmas tree.

Make confetti from small pieces of tissue paper and colored metallic ribbons. Create a Christmas tree shaped pocket with cellophane and adhere it to a plain colored sheet of paper. You can even divert from a traditional holiday color palette with a confetti snowman if that’s more your style!

Needle crafters can take this creation to the next level by using green. And red threads to add dimensions to the tree.

Add sparkle with snowflakes

Who would’ve thought that snowflake stickers atop a delicate and pastel colored Christmas card could look so beautiful? You can even add a creative element to your DIY card by stitching yarn right on to the cardstock! Lacings and string patterns are all different ways that can create a fun 3D illusion.

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