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Easy DIY Halloween Card Party Invitation Ideas

Image showing white cardstock and halloween card ideas

‘Tis the season of witches, ghosts and ghoulish Halloween card parties! Whether you’re throwing a costume cocktail party, hosting a dinner before trick or treating or a pumpkin carving competition, we know exactly what will take your Halloween bash to the next level: creative party invitations!

We suggest breaking out the clanking bones, smoking cauldrons and jack o’ lanterns to create a Halloween styled party invite like no other!

Check out some of these Halloween-themed ideas:

Bubbling cauldron party invitation

What better way to get into the eerie spirit of Halloween than with a bubbling cauldron invitation. This DIY project is easy and uses simple things to create an invitation card that kids will surely fawn over!

To make it, simply fold an 11×17-inch grey cardstock for the base, and cut out the shape of a cauldron with a black sheet of paper. Adhere the cauldron to the base, and attach a few buttons at the rim of the cauldron with hot glue—these are the bubbling potions. Add pieces of cotton on the side for a smoky effect. For the final touch, write the text “Something’s brewing…” on the cauldron.

A Spooktacular Count Dracula invitation

Bring out the ghouls, goblins and bats for this one! Invite family and friends with a 3D card that features simple graphics with a touch of pop-up card techniques. You can simply download colorful images, paste them onto blank note cards, but add a twist to you creation!

Image showing halloween card

For instance, you can add a pair of googly eyes to the bats, and decorate the spider web with white thread. Get creative, get clever and have fun with your invitation by making use of everyday household items—it’ll give your invitation a character unlike any other!

Halloween Card – Pumpkin carving invitation

It’s the annual Pumpkin smash and you’re set to invite all your friends over! We believe in enticing the guests with a card invitation that goes hand-in-hand with the theme of your party; all you need is a bunch of colored cardstock paper.

Cut out the shape of a pumpkin from an orange sheet. Glue the sides and base of the carved pumpkin on a plain sheet, in a way that you now have a pocket area between the two sheets. Write down all the party details on a smaller sheet of paper, and attach a stem-like vertical paper on top. Place this card within the pocket that you made earlier. All your guests need to do now is to pull the stem out to reveal the inner paper for party details, and slide it back into place to close it!

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