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Does Bulk Buying Wholesale Really Save You Money?

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Bulk buying may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, especially because you have to pay a higher amount upfront. Why should you buy something that you aren’t going to use immediately, right?

Wrong. Apart from perishable items, buying in bulk is always a better option because it not only saves you money due to bulk discounts, but also means that your most important items are always stocked up so you don’t have to make multiple trips to buy them. According to research, you can save up as much as 83% on some items when you buy in bulk.

To make your bulk shopping experience fruitful and efficient, be smart about what you can and cannot buy in bulk. While it may be tempting to buy all your skin products on sale and stock them up for later, they will expire before you even use them—which is a waste of money, and we’re trying to save you some here!

Buying in bulk saves you money and effort in the following ways:

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Bulk Buying – Price per Unit:

Items in bulk look expensive at first glance. But more often than not, they are significantly marked down compared to single unit items. These savings might seem insignificant, but the more you buy in bulk, the more you’ll start seeing a difference in your household expenses over time.

Real Time Saver:

Our lives are pretty fast-paced. No one has the time to go out for you while you’re sitting in the bathroom and have run out of toilet paper.

When you buy toilet papers in bulk, they usually come in sets of four or six. This means no emergencies, and no running out every few days.

Image showing bulk buying wholesale cardstock suppliers

Lesser Trips:

It’s annoying to have to go to the supermarket every time you need something—whether it’s something as small as a memo pad or something as important as sanitary items. By buying in bulk, you’re going to be making fewer trips and you save up on money, time, and gas.


Most bulk purchases use less plastic in packaging compared to smaller purchases. Jumbo packs are usually covered in only one layer of plastic wrap while a jumbo bottle of any detergent or shampoo contains more than double. Lesser packaging material makes your purchase environmentally-friendly.

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