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The Many Ways of Using Memo Pads

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All of us have heard stationery aficionados raving about how useful their memo pads are…and oh so pretty! For people who don’t share this undying passion for carrying memo pads and sticky notes to every class or meeting, life can feel pretty dull.

Memo pads are a brilliant way to introduce color into your life. But they are also a way to keep your day organized, take notes, and remember things. They’re back-to-school must-haves!

The following are some of the most creative ways that you can use memo pads in your daily life:

Weekly Household Checklist for Children

If you need a break from all your household duties and your children need to develop good habits, use differently colored memo pad to make a checklist of household chores for every day for each of your kids.

These chores can include making the bed, putting away their toys, tidying their room, or cleaning the entranceway—anything.

Memo pad is a good way to pass on your organizational skills to your kids in a fun manner.

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Memo Pads – Set Goals in Classroom

Are you a teacher at a school? Or maybe you’re a professor at a college?

Regardless of the age group, students love teachers who make lectures fun, interactive and, colorful. Memo pads can be used to check in on your students every day, to set goals for every lecture, and to list down the expectations of each course.

Putting them up on the board—or in any visible space—will be a constant reminder that you and your students need to achieve their goals.

Mood Boards for the Office

Or are you a corporate slave? We’re joking…unless?

Work-life tends to become overwhelming, and people experience burnout frequently. So it’s important to keep tabs on everyone’s mental health and ask them what they’re doing.

Using memo pad to make mood boards is a great way for people to express their feelings and communicate if someone needs to check up on them without having to say it out loud. You can put up different-colored memo pad near the mood board announcing which color identifies what kind of mood a person is in—and if people want to be reached out to!

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