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Menu Paper and Cardstock for Hotel, Restaurant and Event Venues and Spaces

Food Service Menu Paper Quick Guide


A great quality and attractive food menu is an essential part of capturing an audience. It is a great marketing tool that showcases your brand and uniqueness and can be great influence in getting selected by potential customers. Looking for the perfect menu paper that captures perfectly your brand especially if you’re a start-up business might seem a bit difficult and so we’re here to show you a variety of papers available in the market that might just be right for you.


Parchment Paper and Cardstock

If you’re going for a classic and timeless appearance to your menus, Parchment is the right one for you. Each sheets of paper exude an Old World charm. If you’re going for a clean and professional look, it’s perfect and if you want to add a rustic and creative flourish to your menus this type of paper is also perfect for it. Parchment paper can do anything!

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Pastel Paper and Cardstock

Pastel Paper and Cardstock is a great if you want that sweet and soft tone to your menus. It’s not a very common paper for menus but it’s an excellent choice if you want to get experimental and crafty with your work. Or if you’re wanting to set up a cute café, bakery or cake shop this paper can be a very essential tool for you.

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Bright Color Paper and Cardstock

Bright Color Paper and Cardstock features a fun and exciting selection of colors that we just can’t help but look at. This burst of bright colors exudes confidence and energy and in a world bustling with different businesses having that command of people’s attention is a very good thing. This paper can be a very good potential branding material.

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White Paper and Cardstock

The classic white paper and cardstock. White paper works well for just about anything that’s why it’s so common and popular in food service menus. If you’re going for a clean minimalist appeal or a casual artistic aesthetic, it works perfectly. This paper is a blank canvas you can paint whatever your mind goes for.

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Want more information on choosing between Paper and Cardstock?

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