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A Nifty Guide to Invitation Envelopes

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Be it to make a payment to a service provider or to mail your resume to a prospective employer, there’s always the need for an appropriately sized envelope. Unless you’re in business or understand the professional value of invitation envelopes, you’d think this is a rather needless stationery item.

In reality, the look, feel and size of your envelope can affect your mail as on the receiver. In business, the first meetings or impressions can go a long way in securing you future deals. And in social relationships, your envelope can say a lot about your aesthetic taste and personality if you choose to send sealed invites in them.

Regardless of which area envelopes are required in, it’s safe to say that they’re useful and versatile. However, this guide will come in handy to explain to you the various uses of envelopes.

1. Square Invitation Envelopes

If you’re planning to host a party or a corporate event, you’d need to send out mass invites for them. Square envelopes—square in shape as the name suggests—are best for this purpose. With a unique flap design, these envelopes connote an air of casual formality and style.

Image showing a2 invitation envelopes

If you want to add more aesthetic details, you can pick a color of your choice or one that matches the theme of the event. Finally, get the name of its recipient printed on the cover and its ready to send out.

2. Booklet envelopes

These envelopes are mostly used for mailing photographs, documents, business material, statements, brochures or booklets. The large size ensures that the contents are stored safely without causing them to crease or fold.

This kind has a smaller flap which can be sealed with adhesive or tape. These envelopes come in a range of sizes that can be bought according to your requirements. Of course, you can post receiver’s or sender’s information on it through printing or manual script.

3. Announcement Envelopes

Are you planning to invite your girl friends for your best friend’s baby shower or bachelorette party? Even though word of mouth invitations also work, but it’s always more special if you send out cute invitations. To keep the occasion light and informal, announcement envelopes are the best option. Available in customizable colors, you can pick a pastel pink or bright blue, as per your need.

Apart from invitations, they can also carry greeting cards for special occasions, pocket-size booklets or brochures.

4. Banker envelopes

Most commonly found in interoffice communication, banker envelopes are rectangular and long in shape. Perfect for office use, these envelopes are widely available in many shapes and colors and can be printed on easily as well.

The versatility of their use extends to the greeting card industry as well where they’re used to store personal letters and cards.

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