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Get creative with your Homemade Easter Cards with our Bright Colored Cards!

Easter is wonderful time to celebrate with loved ones ⁠— Whether you’re inviting family and friends for an Easter party or sending well wishes to loved ones a personal customized cards are an excellent way to express a meaningful and sincere message. From a simple greeting to a more elaborately designed card adding that personal touch creates warmth and depth to your projects.

Creating DIY cards may not be your expertise but whether you’re a novice or a skilled crafter, there’s an achievable Easter card to share the spring joy!

For the materials we will be needing:

  • Foldover Card
  • White Cardstock
  • Colored Cardstock Paper
  • Pen or Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1

Cut out 2 egg shapes with one shape slightly larger than the other.

Make sure to use the white cardstock for the bigger egg and the colored cardstock for the smaller egg.

Create a pattern (wavy, curly, etc.) using the white cardstock to create a unique design for the egg.

Glue the pattern on to the colored egg shape and trim the parts that over extend from the egg.

Glue the colored egg on top of the white egg shape.

Step 2

Repeat step 1 but with different pattern for the other eggs.

Step 3

Create a cylinder shape.

Cut out small rectangle strips in varying sizes.

Glue the strips in the back of the cylinder shape to resemble a nest.

Step 4

Glue the eggs on the foldover card first.

Glue the nest on top of the eggs.

Make sure you have an ample space to where you’re going to put the greeting or text.

Step 5

Add a short sweet message or greeting at the bottom and you’re all set!

Have a pleasant Easter!


Colors can also bring out a certain effect to your cards. We offer extensive options of brilliant colors for your cards and envelope needs, whether you want the passionate red color to the cute blushing pulsar pink tone, we got it all for you!



Matching envelopes are available separately.

Our cards are made from sturdy and thick card stock with a gorgeous bright color finish. It offers rich color reproduction, superior image quality and excellent opacity without the cost of a premium paper. Its dependable performance ensures a trouble-free run so you can focus on creating a superior printed piece. These smooth sheets are guaranteed non-smudge ink printing, so images still look vibrant, pure and clean that shine your craft.


For the perfect envelope to include with your card, see our A-size Envelopes listing!



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