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3 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Paper Products for Your Business

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The past few months have seen an incredible rise in conversation around the climate crisisthe impact everyday decisions have on the environment, the measures we can all take as individuals, groups and organizations to minimize our carbon footprint and so much more.

The role corporations have played in the past few centuries that’s led to this issue spiraling; in addition to governmental negligence and inaction from international bodies have jeopardized the future of the earth.

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Habitats are crumbling; forests are burning; water is contaminated; the ice-caps are melting; plastic destroys the ocean and the land and creatures that live there; people are dying of poverty and disease is spreading.

Our world is falling apart as we speak and there’s not enough we’re doing to stop this.

What can my company do to be more eco-friendly?

There are plenty of practices that even your small business can take as a step toward a greener world, securing the future for ourselves, our kids and their kids. There are ways to reduce your company’s contribution to pollution, environmental degradation and waste, for instance:

There are a lot of different benefits to being a more eco-friendly business than you’d assume.

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The biggest benefits of using eco-friendly paper products

Paper is one of the biggest contributors to deforestation since thousands of trees are cut down each year to make it. At any workplace, there is tons of paper used on a daily basis—from printing to writing notes, trash and packaging.

When you switch to using eco-friendly paper products, you’re going to be using materials that are recycled, recyclable, make the effort of reusing and repurposing and looking into more sustainable alternatives, cutting down on excess printing and so forth.

When you do use eco-friendly paper products you’ll see that:

Clients are happier

Who wouldn’t want to invest in a business that cares about the environment? Consumer psychology indicates that people are more interested in a business’s environmental impacts now, than they ever were before.

Costs are going down

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When you’re not spending hundreds of dollars on office stationery, beyond necessary use, you’ll save on costs. You can buy A2 business envelopes or discount cardstock from us in bulk, and keep the use of those limited to important letters, notices and invites. It’s also cheaper to switch to email and e-invites and e-notices instead of sending physical copies of everything. In fact, you’ll also save on energy costs from reduced printing.

Your conscience is clear and your business builds a better reputation   

You can operate without worry, knowing you’re doing your best to save the environment and as an added benefit, motivate others to follow suit. This will also help give your business credibility and a better image.

Ready to make the switch? Contact us to place your order for eco-friendly paper products today! And buy occasional cards online.

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