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5 Essential Supplies for Your Office Desk including Business Envelopes

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Every office-going person knows that it’s extremely difficult to function without some kind of interaction with memo pads, diaries and post-it notes on a daily basis. In a world where Microsoft Office, Outlook and Word can take care of a variety of functions with the click of a button, there’s one thing they can’t do—they can’t replace those office supplies. Like business envelopes which have been the life force and bedrock of the office world for years.

Here are some reigning stationery office champions:

1. Papers

Let’s get the essential and basic one out of the way first: papers. And we don’t just mean the packs of A4 nestled alongside your printer. From flip charts in meetings and invoices for clients to scraps of paper for everyday use (recycled, of course—we’ve always got one eye on the environment)—having the right kind of paper products ensures that you work to maximum capacity.

2. Memo pads

Memo pads are your paper-based sidekicks in the office that you practically take for granted. Whether you’re taking notes in conferences or meetings, jotting down customer orders, compiling to-do lists or jotting down over-the-phone messages, these notepads are the modern offices’ unsung heroes.

Having a memo pad on your desk also ensures that you’re always ready to jot down ideas; who knows, one of those ideas might even turn into a full-fledged startup one day!

3. Business Envelopes

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Secure important files and documents and avoid all mailing risks with business envelopes. There are a variety of envelopes dedicated for different office tasks. Some types include parchment envelopes, catalog envelopes and booklet envelopes. They should ideally have moisture-activated seals that ensure easy retrieval and safety of documents.

4. Index cards

Perfect for taking notes, setting reminders and brainstorming, index cards are a combination of convenience and necessity. These cards are perfect for looking up information, and they’re known for their strength and durability among office stationery.

5. Diaries and planners

One might think that planners and clunky diaries are an outdated form of planning, but they’re a robust, dependable and physical way of staying organized. Moreover, a diary won’t suffer log-in errors, crash on you or need a re-boot. Sure, you have your mobile phone and tablet diaries, but it’s always wise to have a fall-back paper copy.

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